What We Do

Hideaway Homes provides fully detailed and customizable architectural drawings and drafting services to help turn your dream and vision into a reality. We also provide an extended service for aspects such as interior design, material sourcing and research.

Our services range from new homes and cottages, additions and renovations, garages and boathouses, decks and sheds, and residential HVAC design. We provide a customizable service that tailors to your specific wants and needs.

The design process combines the extensive knowledge and skill of our designers, technologists, CAD operators and artists. They take their combined experience to cover each and every aspect of your project, from architectural and structural needs to mechanical and electrical requirements. All the while, they ensure building codes and blueprints are up-to-date in order to align with specific regulations and permits.

The wide-ranging expertise we provide covers many aspects of your journey, from the size of your rooms to the shape of your basement and the scale of every element in-between.

This is your journey, and we are here to ensure it’s a memorable one for you.