With 300-plus families serviced since 2009, Hideaway Homes prides itself in ensuring your dream home becomes a reality. Our personalized and customizable approach is meant to have you involved from beinning to end – because in the grand scheme of things, we are here for you.

Bobbie-Jo of Hideaway Homes was professional, expedient and creative. We hired her to design our home and are pleased with the result she she has produced.

– Carol Knott

Bobb Jo at Hideaway Homes was initially recommended to me by another contractor for my HVAC design on a kitchen addition. I have a century home and was trying to tie the new addition into the existing building in consideration of those aesthetics, plus, I was doing the initial plans myself.

I really enjoyed working with Bobbi Jo. She listened to what I wanted and what I was trying to do, and delivered what I needed quickly. She was direct and personable and easy to communicate with. That’s why I next hired her to consolidate my planning ideas and draw up our official plans. Bobbi Jo simplified the process for us and never overcomplicated what at times, became a challenging project, since we were attaching ICF to a rubble wall foundation. She understood and translated my ideas quickly, delivered our plans on time, and got our plans engineer stamped, by a colleague. She then patiently put a lot of extra time into adjusting plans several times for us after design requirements changed when we broke ground. I highly recommend Bobbi Jo at Hideaway Homes.

– Sarah Vandenberg

I had a design completed on time and also had revisions made to the original plans with no problems. I’d refer Bobbie-Joe to anyone.

-Darryl Breadner

We had our cottage “bunkie” (actually a small 3 bedroom self contained cottage) rebuilt in 2013. We were constrained by existing footprint Bobbi-Jo was able to take my ideas and produce a design that incorporated all of them. I am impressed by her skill in small home design. My builder calls it the “biggest 750 sq ft cottage” he has ever seen.

She is professional and efficient. She goes the extra mile to help her clients. In fact when the building inspector changed his mind on the plans he approved she advocated on my behalf by refusing to sign off on the proposed changes.

We are now enjoying the use of this wonderful building that she designed.

-mimikatan (Houzz user)

We were very pleased with hideaway homes as they helped us design our major addition to our lake house!! Very comfortable and we were happy with our design and ideas they recommended and offered to us!!

-goldlakel (Houzz user)

I first saw plans from Hideaway Homes in 2010 for a large cottage on Sandy Lake near Buckhorn. As an owner of a window manufacturing company I see many different plans from a variety of designers in the area. Hideaway Homes provides clear and visually appealing drawings that are detailed but still easy to read and work off. Bobbie-Jo always responds quickly at the request for small changes to the layout or configuration. I recommend all of my clients looking for quality architectural design & drafting services to contact Hideaway Homes.

-Taylor (FCI Windows)

As a contractor in the heating, air conditioning and ventilation trade on custom built homes for building contractors Bobbie Jo has provided for our company mechanical designs in great detail, efficiently and within quick response time. Highly professional, with reasonable rates and with great detail. 
Always a pleasure to deal with and very accommodating for requests. 
I Highly recommend her services

-Gerard Klompmaker (Klompmakers Heating & Air Conditioning)

Bobby Jo did a complete and efficient duct deign for us, and on a moments notice at a busy time of year. 
She even returned to inspect the job after installation. 
I would recommend her to anyone building or designing.

-steve elmhirst